Get Talking

Get people talking and thinking more deeply about what social cohesion means to us and what we can do to bring about change. By talking, we start to visualize possibilities for creating a better, more united South Africa. This is the first step to getting inspired and taking action!

Stop, take notice, get talking and take action.

We have adapted a series of famous South African speeches to inspire you to imagine a united society, and to take action yourselves.

Alongside these, dynamic Talk Group outlines provide discussion guides for you to use in your school or community to get your peers talking about these important issues.

Want to use this chance to inspire your friends?
You can run a Talk Group in person to start a purpose-filled chat on your chosen social media channel, or at an in-person event.

I am an African Part 1

I am an African Part 2

 Nkosi Johnson Speech

Rivonia Trial Speech

5 Easy Steps

  • 2.  Set a date, place and time.

    • The event could last between 1-3 hours. (Don’t forget to get permission from your school or community group leaders.)

  • 3.  Invite your peers to come to this exciting event – whether it’s in person or on a digital platform.
  • 4.  At the event, share a bit about what Up We Go Mzansi is. (You can even play the Bayete Mzansi song!)

    • Show or share the “Speeches that changed the world” videos available on this page and, using the Talk Group guide(s), get discussing how you and your peers can use your personal power to make a difference in your community and your country.

  • 5.  Capture your discussion on social media using the hashtag #UpWeGoMzansi and share the actions you have committed to as a group.

What is a Talk Group?


We’d love to hear how your events went, and even see some photos and videos shared on social media with the #UpWeGoMzansi hashtag, or emailed to


In collaboration with gold Youth Development Agency.