The Social Cohesion Advocates Programme

UP WE GO MZANSI is an initiative of the Social Cohesion Advocates Programme. We wish to inspire all people living in South Africa to work together towards building a stronger, more unified country.

In 2012 the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture established a Social Cohesion Advocates Programme, made up of activists invited to serve voluntarily by the Minister. They were tasked to assist with promoting national unity and social cohesion.

Their mandate is drawn from the National Development Plan (Outcome 14), which has set the following Medium-Term Strategic Framework goals for South Africa to achieve by 2030:

  1. Knowledge of the Constitution and fostering Constitutional values;
  2. Equalizing opportunities, promoting inclusion and redress;
  3. Promoting social cohesion across society through increased interaction across race and class;
  4. Promoting active citizenry and broad-based leadership;
  5. Achieving a social compact that will lay the basis for equity, inclusion and prosperity for all.

The goal of the Social Cohesion Advocates Programme is to mobilize society in its entirety, to work together to build a caring and proud society, based on shared values and a vision informed by:

  • Advancing constitutional democracy, human rights and equality;
  • Promoting non-racialism, non-tribalism, non-sexism, ubuntu and social solidarity;
  • Building unity in diversity amongst South Africans, as well as with the region, continent and the international community;
  • Encouraging healing of individuals and communities, and more intercultural and inter-community cooperation;
  • Improving inclusivity and a sense of belonging for all, and striving for transformation, redress and social justice in all areas of society;
  • Inspiring empowered, inclusive and active citizenship that will define our national consciousness and identity.

Click here to meet the National Steering Committee, made up of 12 Workstream Leads.