Take Action

The Up We Go Mzansi campaign will inspire individuals to work together to play their part in moving South Africa forward and upward.  It’s all about how each person can make a difference to those around them, and build a stronger and more united South Africa for the future.  Change starts with you.  Everyone can be an agent of change in their community.

Here’s some ideas for how you can get involved and take action for change starting today.

  1. Be a role model.  The message giver is the strongest message.  By having a healthy lifestyle you will encourage others to also reduce their own risk: stay in school, reduce teen pregnancy, reduce substance abuse; reduce HIV-, TB- and COVID-19 prevalence.
  2. Help others to help themselves.  Encourage other youth to make changes to benefit their lives without waiting for someone else to do it.  Start something good yourself.
  3. Channel your energy to build rather than break (keep a watch on your stress levels and find constructive ways to let off steam.)
  4. Use your voice for good. Use your presence on social media to inspire others with positive messages.
  5. Share a skill you have with someone eager to learn, and guide them to become financially independent.
  6. Make the time to get to know someone outside of your comfort zone better, and adjust your behaviour to  honour their culture, language, customs and cuisine.

It starts with me...

  • 1. Organize an Up We Go Mzansi Talk Group in your school or community to get people talking about social cohesion and how they can be changemakers in their community.
  • 2. Get involved in a local community project. Look for programmes to get involved in in your local area such as those that teach financial literacy, those which support younger youth with homework, or coaching a local sports team.
  • 3. Join or start a community crime watch. Stand up against violence, crime and fear – do not normalize things that break down trust and unity in your community.
  • 4. Build a community where people can use their talents in music and art. Share your gifts with your community and with people outside your community.
    – Host a community youth arts event.
    – Create a theatre show which tells a positive story of change.
    – Organise a community football match for young people.
  • 5. Help improve what your area looks like, so people can feel proud.
    – Get your school class to go on a community clear up, especially in areas that people use frequently.
    – Plant a market garden at your school/community library – it gets people involved and could provide much needed nutrition to the community.
    – Paint a mural on a wall outside the school (don’t forget to get permission first).
  • 6. Find a local youth mentoring programme to get involved in – where can you mentor or support a young person with their school work or their search for employment?
We’d love to hear what action you’ve been taking. Promote your actions by using the hashtag #UpWeGoMzansi on social media.