Your Fundraising
We need your help to get the Up We Go Mzansi movement growing in SA.

We have uploaded our logos for you to use to make co-branded merchandise like Caps, T-Shirts, Mugs, Stickers etc, to fundraise for your organization’s cause. You are authorized to use our logos as long as your organization believes in and does its utmost to live by the values of our country’s constitution, and that you do not alter our logo design or devalue Up We Go Mzansi’s mission in the process. “Up We Go Mzansi calls all people in South Africa to use our personal power and collective strengths and move SA upwards together!”

Download Our Logo’s Here

Up We Go Mzansi
Full Colour Logo

Up We Go Mzansi
Black and White

Up We Go Mzansi
Black and White

 Social Cohesion Anthem

Released version – Bayete Mzansi  (Recorded by P J Powers and MYC)

 Bayete Mzansi Full Score

Bayete Solo Voice Soprano

Bayete Solo Voice Alto

 Bayete Solo Voice Tenor

Original Song – Bayethe Mzansi

Bayethe Mzansi Melody Chords Original

 Bayethe Mzansi Full Choir Score

Miracle behind the Song that Birthed Up We Go Mzansi
Miracle Story Up We Go Mzansi