Dr Yaa A Archer-Ngidi

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Dr Yaa A Archer-Ngidi
Advocacy and Education
What is your educational or experience background that equips you to add value to this SCA team?


Why are you a Social Cohesion Advocate?

I am a Social Cohesion Advocate because I believe in Nation Building and I am a non-South African married to a South Africa. 

What change are you passionate about seeing come about?

More of a understanding of Poverty and Pan African Unity and education

What makes you feel uniquely South African?

I am African first then by my choice a south African, My uniqueness rest on the fact that I have studied in Europe, lived in most of Africa, worked in all 9 provinces and most importantly a proud Zulu Makoti

What is your dream for South Africa by 2030?

For SA to be more a part of the African Continent and that my children will never have to explain why they are sounding different “having an accent’ 

What do you believe South Africans need to do to make this dream a reality

Get rid of the bad habits of Apartheid

What topics are you equipped and at ease talking about in the media?

Pan Africanism, African Unity, nation Building, GBV, Rural development

Who are we as South Africans?

Work in progress

Where do we come from (as a nation)?

Pain, Trauma, resilience, determination …Work in progress

Where are we heading?

A country working on diversity…Work in progress

How do we wish to conduct ourselves in SA?

With a collective UBUNTU PRINCIPLES …Work in progress

How do we hold each other’s hands as we build and form a cohesive nation?

More listening and wanting to genuinely understand