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Xoliswa Bam
Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality
What is your educational or experience background that equips you to add value to this SCA team?

My training in education and as a counselor besides my qualifications and background in finance and auditing add more value to the work that I do as an SCA.

Why are you a Social Cohesion Advocate?

I am a Social Cohesion Advocate because of my keenness and involvement in developmental and community issues.

What change are you passionate about seeing come about?

I am keen to see conditions and the most vulnerable communities being uplifted

What makes you feel uniquely South African?

Being Black, able to express myself in my mother tongue in a country with a proud unique heritage…

What is your dream for South Africa by 2030?

I dream of a more beautiful and cohesive South Africa.

What do you believe South Africans need to do to make this dream a reality?

South Africans need to learn to live together peacefully whilst enjoying and appreciating the beauty of the country that we have been endowed with.

Who are we as South Africans?

We are a diverse, rainbow nation embracing a range of ethnic and social backgrounds. A country which prides itself of 12 official languages.

Where do we come from (as a nation)?

We come from the dark days of apartheid full of discrimination towards majority citizens- before April 1994 this country was racially divided with majority of people especially Blacks, disenfranchised. 

Where are we heading?

We are heading and dreaming of a prosperous country both technologically and economically.

How do we wish to conduct ourselves in SA?

We wish to conduct ourselves as a country with high moral and social values.

How do we wish to conduct ourselves (and to be viewed) internationally?

We would like to be viewed as a prosperous and peace loving people of the world.

How do we hold each other’s hands as we build and form a cohesive nation?

It is important that the different races hold and live together with love and respect.