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Dr R.T Govender
Arts, Culture & Heritage
What is your educational or experience background that equips you to add value to this SCA team?

Academically I have both a Masters and PhD which I obtained by conducting research in cross cultural practices in South Africa. For my PhD I was awarded a Ford Foundation Fellowship. I also was the recipient of a Post-Doctoral Fellowship to conduct research at the prestigious Columbia University in New York. For this research I had to develop an academic leadership programme for ten African countries.

Other Academic qualifications include:

  • ·        BA and BA (Hons) – Humanities
  • ·        Education Diploma
  • ·        Journalism Diploma

My professional qualifications include:

  • ·        Certified Lead Facilitator and efacilitator in the Public Service (National School of Government – 2018)
  • ·        Certified mediator and panel member with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Network SA
  • ·        Certificate in Leadership and Management – 2008
  • ·        Certificate – Innovation in the Public Service (National School of Government – 2018) (NQF 5 Credits 6)
  • ·        Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation NQF 5 Credits
  • ·        Certificate in Change Management NQF 5 Credits 10
  • ·        Diploma in Project Management
  • ·        Assessor Training Certificate – ETDP SETA
  • ·        Certificate in Job Evaluation – 2009
  • ·        Certificate in Computer Literacy (First Class Pass)
  • ·        Certificate in Basic IsiZulu
  • ·        Moderator Training – Current

Why are you a Social Cohesion Advocate?

I am a Social Cohesion Advocate because I am passionate about social cohesion and nation building. As a Social Anthropologist I have researched extensively on the cultural practices of different groups in South Africa. During my many research undertakings I have seen the need to promote dialogue and cross-cultural research.

I also host a weekly radio programme, “Ubuntu Radio with Dr G” on Capitol Radio 88.1 FM and online.

I also regularly feature as a cultural commentator on SABC and in the printed media.

What change are you passionate about seeing come about?

I am hoping that through my position as a Social Cohesion Advocate, I will be able to contribute towards peace and harmony in South Africa with a rich cultural diversity. Currently there are lots of racial tensions which need to be urgently addressed hence the need for a Rapid Response Team to address some of these challenges.

What topics are you equipped and at ease talking about in the media?
  • ·        Any topic related to Social Cohesion and Nation Building
  • ·        Cross Cultural Practices in South Africa
  • ·        Social Anthropology
  • ·        Leadership and Management
  • ·        Diversity
  • ·        Anti-racism, Xenophobia, Gender Based Violence